Tree Sap: Get It Off Your Car and Keep Your Paint Intact

Tree Sap:  Get It Off Your Car and Keep Your Paint Intact

How to get the tree sap off your car properly.

Sometimes it is unavoidable to park the car under some trees.  When the sun is out, and it is extremely hot, all the more reason to park your car under some shade.  However, doing this can mean that some tree sap can fall unto your car.  This tree sap can be hard to remove, so here is how to get it off without damaging your paint.

First off, you will need a damp cloth to wipe off the surrounding areas around the tree sap and get rid of any dust or dirt in that area.  This is necessary because when you get to the point of removing the tree sap, there is a chance that you will be rubbing the dirt and particles surrounding it into your paint, thus resulting in unsightly scratches.

Next, you will need a bug remover, or tar remover.  This can easily be purchased from any automotive shop.  Only apply the bug or tar remover unto the sap, and do not let it leak unto your paint.  Wipe off any excess bug/tar remover.

Right after application of the bug/tar remover, cover the portion with some plastic in order for the tree sap to be able to absorb it sufficiently.

After about 15 to 20 minutes, you can now remove the plastic wrap, and with a non-scratching cloth like a microfiber cloth remove the now soft sap from your car.  Try to remove it all in one motion to avoid the sap from spreading.

Finally, apply some car shampoo to that portion of the car, or you can clean your entire car, and wax it.

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